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PMP Certification Coaching

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Do you need a little professional help preparing for your PMP® certification?

We provide coaching sessions structured to your individual needs.  Target specific Knowledge Areas or work on further refining your PMP® study plan.  Book a coaching session with one of our PMP® experts.

Note: Coaching sessions must be rescheduled 48 hours in advance or session will be marked completed on your account.


Remove the stress from preparing for the PMP® Exam through the use of our professional PMP coaching services.

Why Hire a Project Management Professional (PMP)® Coach? 

In any form of business, professional coaches are used to assist individuals and companies achieve their goals.  PMP® certification is no different.  If you are unsure of you are doing the right things or studying in the right manner, then you should hire the assistance of a coach who has passed the PMP® exam and knows first hand what it takes to be successful.

Benefits of a Personal PMP® Exam Coach

During your first session we will access your needs and design a personalized study plan that will allow you to overcome the challenges you are having and ensure you are successful when taking the PMP® exam.

We recommend scheduling regular coaching sessions (weekly or monthly) to review your progress and discuss any issues you are having.

You don’t have to prepare for the PMP® exam alone. Hire your own professional PMP® coach and let us help you pass the exam!